RIVA IMEL Studio scrunchie (limited edition)

Say hello to the RIVA scrunchie  that demands notice. 

Very cool scrunchie for successful, fashionable and stylish women. Trendy scrunchies from IMEL will not only emphasize outstanding image but also make people turn around.  Our hair scrunchies are made by skilled craftsmen manually, where every millimeter is checked. RIVA scrunchie is made from 18% Silk and 82% Viscose  Velvet fabric.. Upcycled from the world-known luxury brand velvet jacket from past collection,  it’s created for those who desire exclusivity and sophistication in their fashion choices. Make a bold statement and embrace eco-chic elegance with our exquisite hair scrunchie! The product will be in perfect harmony with your clients’ desires, enhancing their special moments and daily rituals with a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

All IMEL studio scrunchies are designed by Marina S –skilled selfmade artisan. Upcycled scrunches have limited edition. Don’t miss you chance to grab some.

Buy them using wholesale price   with minimum order amount - from  500 USD. You can choose any items to reach this amount.   

 Please read about partnership and contact us to receive a special unique offer for wholesale order. 


This scrunchie left only here. 

  • Handmade
  • 100% natural silk velvet
  • Large size (6-7 inches in diameter)
  • Gentle on your hair
  • Sustainable product

Please, note, since scrunchies are handcrafted, each piece is unique and may slightly differ from the product picture

  • $17.00