About Us

Our handcrafted head pieces and natural gemstone jewelry are more than just accessories; they're a lifestyle full of luxury and wellness, capturing hearts of customers since 2021 on Amazon.
The brand name, IMEL Studio, stands for IMEarringsLover Handcrafts Studio. It encapsulates the initials of the founders, Marina, the creative force behind the Studio, and her husband and business partner, Igor - IM; Marina’s nickname given by her friends for her love of accessories - Earrings Lover; and describes the creative team of professional artisans they’ve assembled - Handcrafts Studio, whose mission is to improve people’s lives.
Each item is a labor of love, which is felt and highly appreciated by the customers. When someone chooses an IMEL Studio piece, they don't just buy an accessory; they buy a story, filled with soul, that will lead them back to you, again and again.
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