Indigo & Lime Beauty bracelet by IMEL Studio for balance and stability

Natural stone bracelets have a synergy effect, they combine the energies of different stones and become amulets for years. 

Indigo & Lime Beauty bracelet by IMEL Studio carries the energy of lemon jade and blue sandstone. These bracelets can become a stability symbols and add a unique charm to their owners

Lemon Jade gem symbolizes balance, as is believed to be the bringer of good luck. It is a very soothing mineral to hold, it gently touches your skin and enhances your style. 

Blue Sandstone crystal has the meaning and properties of stabilizing mood swings, the gemstone is filled with light and shines from within. 

All natural gemstone bracelets are made by qualified craftswomen manually, the necessary gems  are selected, then beaded using proven technologies. This bracelet is designed and handcrafted from gems and materials of natural origin with love to nature and style at IMEL Studio.

Each crystal of this bracelet is handpicked for you and cleansed before making it up into the unique jewelry piece. Moreover, at IMEL Studio we do our best to maintain kind and professional atmosphere of the production processes as well as harmony of our team to provide you with the high quality products. 

By purchasing the Turquoise Joy Radiance bracelet you get an artifact that will enhance your revitalization and immunity for years to come. 

Prices for gems rise regularly, be sure to secure a deal with the current lowest offer.

Each gem in the bracelet is of natural origin, thus their colors and shapes might slightly differ from the photos, providing every bracelet is unique.

Bracelets come in a secure biodegradable packaging.


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