The Challenges of Starting a New Business in Hair Accessories

Entering a new business, especially in hair accessories, is rife with challenges. Entrepreneurs face significant obstacles such as identifying market demand, understanding consumer preferences, and establishing a reliable supply chain. There are financial risks involved in production and marketing, as well as the uncertainty of competition. Moreover, positioning a new product in a crowded market requires innovative strategies and substantial investment. Trading new goods always comes with the risk of misjudging the market, leading to potential losses.

Selling products that are already in demand offers a more predictable path to profitability. Established items come with a pre-existing customer base, reducing the risk of errors in assortment selection, audience targeting, and marketing strategies. Proven products have a track record of sales performance, making it easier to forecast demand and manage inventory. Starting with these products minimizes financial risks and allows businesses to build a reputation before diversifying into newer, riskier ventures. In essence, leveraging proven products helps ensure stable revenue and a smoother entry into the market.

IMEL Studio has established itself as a reputable player in the women’s accessories market. Since 2021, we have successfully sold hair scrunchies and natural stone bracelets on Amazon. Our upcoming product lines include pins, pendants, bundles, and earrings. Registered in the USA, IMEL Studio boasts an official status and a strong brand presence. Our production is based in Saudi Arabia, giving us quick access to premium materials from the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. This geographical advantage ensures that our bracelets are crafted with the finest gems, filled with unique female energy by our all-women production team. This meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship results in products that bring joy to our customers, fostering a loyal customer base.

Our mission now is to expand our reach across retail outlets in all US cities. We want customers to not only view our products online but also experience their quality firsthand in physical stores. Therefore, we are actively seeking partners. Detailed partnership terms can be found at the link to our collaboration page. Please click the link to find more.

We offer wholesale prices lower than our retail prices on Amazon, along with ongoing support in assortment selection, promotional materials, and free doorstep delivery. However, we maintain exclusivity by allowing only one representative per city in the USA.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us and bring IMEL Studio’s beloved products to your community.

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